Spinach powered battery?

basil leaves and avocado on sliced bread on white ceramic plate

Everyone knows spinach powered Popeye, but have you ever heard of a spinach powered battery? Some researchers found that using spinach actually increased battery power! They picked spinach because of its high iron and nitrogen content, and have been “surprised” by how well it’s worked.  If all that green can power a battery, it’s no … Read more

What are Overnight Oats?

fruits and cream in clear glass cup

What’s that you say? Never heard of Overnight Oats? Well neither had I until I heard a co-worker mention them. Turns out I had been missing out on this unusual way of preparing oats. Overnight Oats are oats that have been soaked overnight as part of their preparation, instead of preparing them with hot water … Read more

Longevity: Vegetarian vs. Omnivorous

A hand picks some great vegetarian food

Some bloggers claim that studies that show vegetarians outlive their omnivores are invalid because vegetarians are often healthy in other areas as well. They claim we should throw out the data for omnivores that are “like obesity, diabetes“. The point that they are missing is that meat has been linked to higher incidences of diabetes. … Read more